Purpose: Discover, Develop, and Celebrate Abilities

People are unique!  Human beings are a vast array of differences.  We are like a field of wild flowers, varying in height, shape, and color.  Each one with beauty expressed in its own way amidst an ocean of diversity.  Life is a process in which we are born and develop as we age.  Pure potential!  Some factors are generic and endow us with different strengths.  There will be talents that come naturally while others will require more effort.  However, luckily, we are not alone in this field and our gifts are often complemented by those of another.  While it is true that certain aspects may be fixed, eventually all things do change.  Time will pass, moving us from one state to another.  During these different stages many factors may combine to determine who we will be.  Our own self becomes conjoined with friends, family, and society.  It is here where any differences are best exalted. Not only can we grow when nurtured and supported; we can thrive!  This beauty is self evident when we become the best we can be.  True, each person is unique, and still, we are so much like one another!

The I AM organization is a collective of like-minded individuals dedicated to the positive development of people.  We believe that everyone has both limitations and abilities.  In this way we are all the same and simply vary in the manner or degree in which we do things.  Based on this principle our organization endeavors to promote abilities!  It is our goal to approach each individual as a unique being possessing positive qualities, regardless of their perceived situation.  We will work to offer support for these individuals in realizing their fullest potential.  Simply put, our hope is to help others live the richest lives possible.

Given the understanding that there are so many differences between people, along with their abilities and opportunities, I AM will approach our goal from many angles.  While our organization will consist of multiple components, our primary focus will center on activity.  It is widely believed that a person’s perceived sense of health is a contributing factor to happiness and that active people are happier people.  This is why we promote programs such as wheelchair sports and exercise initiatives.  I AM also sponsors events that allow someone to experience new adventures or simply have fun!  Our thought is that by offering things to participate in, we can engage people, thereby creating space, and helping to nurture a spark within.

Who knows what’s possible?

Let’s find out!

The I AM organization is a collaborative effort to enrich the lives of individuals with spinal cord injuries/disease (SCI/D) using a multi-pronged approach to support, challenge, and inspire.  We work toward this goal by promoting health, sports, adventure activities, community outings, and public awareness, thus providing avenues for someone to try something new, stay active, and hopefully open one’s mind to other possibilities.  Ultimately, we aspire to support individuals with SCI/D in achieving the highest level of life satisfaction as possible.

It is our hope as a group to be able to function in a manner that is conducive to the setting and realization of goals by individuals with spinal cord injuries along with improving the larger interconnected communities in which we are all members.  Our focus may vary based on the perceived needs and the resources available.  Currently, these are the goals we hope to accomplish and work towards in the future:

  • Establish a network of community and support for individuals with spinal cord injuries through the use of modern media outlets, an intake or questionnaire form for those with newer injuries, along with good, old-fashion, person-to-person, verbal communication.  This network will hopefully become a place where people can comfortably ask questions, receive guidance from those who have learned through experience, and explore new ideas and possibilities.
  • Establish a range of pre-organized activities based on the interests expressed by others with the intent of strengthening our network, along with its members, and showing rather than telling, about the possibilities that exist after a spinal cord injury.  This same approach will offer a way to take step back from the day to day details.  After all, we all need a break sometime!
  • Establish and support new or existing wheelchair sports teams.
  • Establish a system where individuals can try sports or adaptive equipment, or perhaps borrow such equipment for a set period.
  • Establish a fund where individuals with specific needs or aspirations can apply for assistance in achieving those goals.
  • Establish a community awareness program.  It is our hope to reach both the general public and those training for careers, or working within the heath field.
  • Establish a method of supporting and promoting the development and continuation of therapy practices that support physical activity.
  • Establish a method of raising funds to be used to support this program and those whom it serves.  Use of said funds will be discussed and determined by committee members.





Discover, Develop, and Celebrate Abilities!

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