What are your interests? Is there something you think would be fun, or have wanted to try? I would love to… if only…! Maybe there is something that you feel is missing in your area, or could be improved upon to make activities more accessible. Perhaps your injury is not recent, but you remember those people or the things that helped you along the way and want to assist others in the same way. Welcome to I AM.

The I AM organization is an independent not-for-profit collective of like–minded individuals dedicated to the positive development of people. We work towards this objective by promoting sports, adventure activities, community outings and public awareness, providing avenues for an individual to try something new, to stay active, and to open the mind to other possibilities. It is our hope that as a group we will function in a manner conducive to the setting and realization of goals for individuals with spinal cord injuries or disorders; as well as to improving understanding and communication within the larger interconnected communities of which we are all members. Ultimately, we aspire to support living and the loving of life.

If we support each other who knows what’s possible?
Let’s find out!

Contact Information

The following form is meant to gather individual opinions and information for our organization. Your input will help make this group a success. All privacy concerns will be respected. Any personal information will be filed and available only to board members. Information regarding upcoming events and developments can be found on the Events, or News page of our website, or through our various notification systems:

One can also send e-mail requests for more information or any questions to: info@individualabilities.org

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