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This year, we are proud to once again join NEPA Gives.  The money from this fundraiser will go to support I AM’s R.E.A.C.H. program with a focus on working towards purchasing off-road adaptive equipment.  This type of equipment allows those with mobility impairments opportunities to enjoy nature off the typical paved path that they can often find themselves limited to.  To help understand the value and impact this type of equipment and opportunities have, read the follow story, which is a personal account from one of our members: Nicholette’s Story.

In addition to the joy of giving and supporting individuals with mobility impairments, with your donation you can get a complimentary dessert:

The Alter House Restaurant is generously offering a complimentary dessert to anyone who shows proof of their donation. Simply print out, or take a screen shot, of the automatically generated thank you/receipt and bring it to their restaurant in Clarks Summit. Then enjoy and thank them for supporting our organization! #SUPPORTLOCAL

About NEPA Gives:

This one-day giving extravaganza is backed by six community foundations to help support the important work done by local non-profit organizations, like ours.  For 24 hours, donors can come together to show their support through the NEPA Gives platform.  This is an excellent opportunity for supporters, like you, to have your money go further.  How?  There will be bonuses and cash prizes available to participating non-profits throughout the day and, with your support, we hope to be one of those recipients.

Forthcoming will be a list of some of the prizes that are available to participating non-profit organizations.

We would really appreciate it if you can help us with a minimum $10 donation and share the event with your friends and family.

Make Your Online Donation Here

Text2Give is an alternate way for NEPA Gives donors to donate to their favorite organizations. Rather than being at a computer to donate, all users need to do is text “GIVE” to 570-565-0101 and they are prompted to visit a link where they can donate from their phones.