Are you interested in a high-octane experience that will get your heart pumping?  Do you like to go fast, or would you be interested in learning how to better control your car on various road conditions?  We have recently learned about a potential opportunity for adaptive racecar driving and would like to get everyone’s feedback on their interest level of participating in such an event.  The place that we are investigating working with is called Just Hands Racing.  We have discussed the possibility of either holding an event at one of their tracks in Connecticut or trying to bring the opportunity closer to our area.  We encourage you to go to their website to check out and learn more.  However, below is a list of the opportunities that they offer:

  1. HPDE – HPDE stands for High Performance Driver Education. It’s code for: bring a car onto a track to learn Performance Driving. This is not racing. It is track driving. You will have an instructor work with you on the track, which will make you more confident and a better driver overall. And, you will have a smile you can’t remove!!! The experiences will vary, but these experiences will generally take half of a day.
  2. Tapas Day – Track Tapas Days is a newly launched program at Lime Rock Park. Tapas Day is a two-hour program that allows participants the opportunity to experience both the FCP Euro Proving Grounds (see Autocross below) and the 1.5-mile iconic road racing course. Beginner level participants learn from a trained driving instructor all while utilizing the Just Hands Racing car.
  3. Autocross – Autocross takes place on the FCP Euro Proving Grounds; a .52 mile permanent, paved road course that’s fun and easy to drive using the Just Hands Racing car. These programs allow you to learn car control in a high-performance setting without the higher risks.
  4. Ride-Along – Not yet ready to be the one behind the wheel, but you still want to experience the thrill? Sit in the passenger seat and get the rush of the track with one of our drivers.

Please fill out the form below to let us know what you are interested in.