At times, life can be difficult and we can all benefit from the support of others to help get us through.  I AM tries to offer various forms of support to our members, but sometimes you just need a little financial assistance.  During these uncertain and trying times we would like to do what we can to help relieve hardships related to the COVID-19 virus.  We realize and understand the broad impact of this virus.  This grant is meant to help with things like medical or protective equipment, caregiver needs, groceries, utility or rent payments, access to technology for virtual programming, and other basic needs.  We are offering up to $200, but additional support may be possible dependent upon available funds.

Thank you the United Spinal Association and the Craig H. Nielsen Foundation for the generous contribution that makes this grant possible.

If you are experiencing hardships in addition to or other than financial concerns, please reach out to us at (570)561-6139 or

To submit receipts for this grant click here.