Hello All,

We are excited to announce yet another way for us to stay in touch. You will now be able to opt in to receive text messages through our newest notification system. This system will allow us to notify you directly regarding activity updates or cancellations. Individuals who register for this service will be notified of upcoming events at the beginning of the month and also several days before a specific activity. Any notice of an activity or event that needs to be cancelled due to weather or other circumstances will be sent in a timely fashion. If you have become a member of I AM, or registered to be affiliated with the NEPA chapter of United Spinal, and provided us with a mobile telephone number you will receive a message allowing you to opt in or out of this service. If you aren’t sure if you have became a member you can always do so on our website. If you have not received a message allowing you to opt in to this service, and would like to receive future notifications, please send your phone number to Joseph Salva (info@kurte14.sg-host.com, or 570-561-6139).  This system does not allow users to respond to text messages, but updated information can always be found under the events tab or by contacting us. There is no registration fee, but standard text messaging rates apply. Personal phone numbers will not be shared with third party organizations.