Every year Resica Elementary School has a disability awareness week where the students learn about different disabilities all week.  Last year I had the opportunity of going there with Diane, Lindsey, and Kevin of RollCall Wheelchair dance to teach and inspire the students about our endless capabilities, despite being in a wheelchair. This year, Resica would like us to go back to talk to the children and interact with them like last year.  For anyone who may be interested in going this year, we will start with classroom interactions followed by a school assembly that we can leave after.  Last year for the class interactions, we were individually split up to talk to a classroom where we briefly talked about our accident/injury, what our interests were, and what we do despite being in a wheelchair. The children had a ton of questions prepared, so the majority of the time in the classrooms I was actually answering those (it was very laid back and the students were so excited to ask the questions they had). The assembly that followed consisted of all of us introducing ourselves and then ended with a wheelchair dance demonstration, all of which was led by Diane. I had such an amazing and fun experience last year talking to and inspiring the students at Resica Elementary that I can not wait to go back. For anyone else interested in going this year, it’s on Friday May 27 starting at 11:00 a.m. and ending whenever the assembly is over (around 2:00 p.m.). Resica Elementary is in the East Stroudsburg Area. Contact Natalie Smirne @ nasmirne@gmail.com for more information.