Elizabeth (Libby) Doyle was introduced to I AM as a physical therapy graduate student at the University of Scranton in 2018, when she and other volunteers spent a lovely spring day on local bike trails with I AM members eager to take advantage of the adaptive handcycles and great weather. As student Service Learning Coordinator for the Physical Therapy department, Libby rallied a student volunteer base for I AM events, and worked with I AM’s president and other community members to increase access to recreational equipment. Libby graduated with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2020 and settled in Northeastern Pennsylvania with her new husband, where they enjoy mountain biking, hiking, spending time on the lake, and cuddling with their two cats; Lady and Puppy. 

Libby remains active with I AM, serving as a clinical supervisor to physical therapy student volunteers trained in safe transfers at various events. Libby joined an I AM committee in 2022 focused on adaptive cycling program development to enhance training for safe and effective transfers on and off equipment, as well as ensure all parties are prepared and excited to incorporate biking into their own wellness goals. Libby was honored to be nominated as a Board Member in 2022, and is looking forward to utilizing her physical therapy background and advocating for accessible recreational activities.