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Individual Abilities in Motion is committed to supporting people living with mobility impairments in realizing their fullest potential and living the richest lives possible. While we believe that there are many paths to achieving this goal, an individual’s ability to maintain or pursue a healthy lifestyle is an important component. Therefore, as a part of our organizations R.E.A.C.H program we would like to introduce I AM’s Wellness Grant.

The goal of this grant is to promote health and wellness! It is our desire to help make this easier to pursue by reducing the associated costs that might otherwise need to be directed to the numerous financial considerations associated with having a mobility impairment. Through I AM’s past fundraising efforts, in addition to the generosity of our supporters, this opportunity is available to anyone living with a mobility impairment that is currently, or becomes, a member of Individual Abilities in Motion under the organizations guidelines. The details and requirements of this program are outlined below.

Grant applications are now being accepted.  We look forward to receiving yours, and working with you in pursuit of healthy living.

Wellness Grant Application

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Activity Report Self-Assessment

Submit Grant Receipts 

Wellness Grant Exit Survey

Grant Applicants Terms and Conditions:

The current grant period will begin January 1st, 2024 and stay open for the remainder of the year, or until the available funds for the grant are exhausted.  Applicants may apply at any time during that period.

Once an application has been received a determination will be made and the applicant will be notified accordingly. Those approved will be eligible to receive no more than 75% of the activity cost in a given month with an overall $500 maximum benefit. Depending on when the application process is completed, the number of applicants, and the remaining funds, the applicant may only receive a portion of the funds. This will be outlined in the determination letter.

In the case of recurring payments the first installment will be sent either to the applicant or provider offering the service after application approval. Subsequent payments will be contingent upon I AM receiving receipts no later than the 23rd of each month. Further payments will be contingent on compliance with requirements and will be sent prior to the 1st of each new month. For reimbursement cases payment will be sent after proof of expenses are submitted.

All funds will be mailed to the address as designated on the application with the check made payable to the provider. In cases of reimbursement a check will be sent to the individual after providing proof of expenses.

Failure to comply with all requirements may result in applicant being ineligible for the next grant cycle.  This decision is at the discretion of the Board of Directors, based upon the reasons given for missed requirements and efforts to comply.

Eligible Activities

Eligible expenses include costs associated with activities that promote physical movement.   These include memberships, user fees, personal training, as well as expenses related to the pursuit of sports such as equipment rental, lessons, and costs related to activities in which the applicant participates. Also covered are holistic practices such as counseling, meditation training, nutrition counseling, massage therapy, and acupuncture.   Excluded expenses include the purchase of equipment, any kind of physical/occupational therapy or medical treatment. If you are unsure if expenses are eligible, there will be a space provided to make the request and include justification.


The requirements for an individual being approved to receive funds are as follows:

  • Recipients must be a current member of I AM
  • Recipients must complete the Wellness Grant application process in full
  • Recipients must submit receipts for the approved activity by the 23rd of each month for recurring activities or following the completion of an approved activity.
  • In cases of recurring activities recipients must complete a midpoint report once they have either received ½ of the allotted money or reached the calendar date as outlined in their approval letter. This will be a simple form indicating date, duration, description of the activity completed, and a self-assessment of progress. No additional monies will be available through the grant until this requirement is completed.
  • Recipients must participate in a minimum of one I AM activity or meeting over the course of the grant period. This is intended to further bolster support for members, the organization, and the ability to offer future programs.  Failure to comply with this requirement will result in ineligibility for the next grant cycle.
  • Recipients must participate in at least one fundraising effort. This can include attending/volunteering for a fundraiser, selling/purchasing raffle tickets, or soliciting sponsors. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in ineligibility for the next grant cycle.
  • Recipients must submit a post-benefit survey which will be sent along with the last installment of the program period. Understanding the program outcome, as well as having applicant’s feedback and suggestions, is necessary to develop a strong program moving forward.  This requirement is necessary for eligibility in the next grant cycle.
  • A request for pictures of the recipient engaging in activities where appropriate. Pictures are not required in the case of alternative therapies.

No retroactive payments will be made for activities that were engaged in prior to the start of the program or approval of an applicant.

Costs for family members are not eligible at this time.

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