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R.E.A.C.H: The goal of this program is to promote healthy living through recreation and exercise, while challenging perceptions, and promoting access for all. We will work to remove, or reduce to the greatest degree possible, barriers that might exist which would exclude, or discourage, the pursuit of, or participation in, exercise and, or, recreation opportunities. This includes, but is not limited to, access to adaptive or specialized equipment, recreation facilities, exercise opportunities, and awareness of available options or programs.

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We realize that working towards this goal is an ambitious undertaking. It will likely take time and a coordinated approach with multiple components. We are open to, and will seek out, organizations, business, or other partners who are like-minded, receptive to, or share a mutually beneficial goal in order to assist us in achieving the objectives of this program. . While our primary focus is on our members and anyone who might fall within those guidelines, I AM fully recognizes, values, and supports the positive impact and carry over this program will have on the community at large.

Given the ever-evolving nature of opportunities, the list below serves as a beginning outline of potential avenues to pursue:

  • Establish a system where individuals can try, and use for a defined period, adaptive outdoor recreation equipment. This should include but is not limited to, cycling, boating, fishing, sport shooting, and various sports. Use of equipment is encouraged to be free of charge, or at a reduced cost, to I AM members if possible. However, rental options may also be developed.
  • Establish improved access to the areas in which the above adaptive equipment can be used.
  • Establish improved access to exploration and use of nature trails and parks.
  • Establish and promote awareness of accessible opportunities. This should include but is not limited to, appropriate signage at both the physical location along with various information outlets. Eg. Websites.
    Develop relationships with existing businesses and, or, organizations that offer equipment for rent or loan in an effort to work together towards including accessible options.
  • Establish funds to support, or develop, exercise and fitness programs that assist an individual in maintaining or pursuit of healthier lives. Emphasis should be placed on programs that utilize accessible, adapted, or specialized equipment and, or assistance. This would include adaptive sports.

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