Get Out, Get Active!: Part of our mission is to support and foster a healthy, happy life. An important tool in this process is the Get Out, Get Active program. It is designed to consist of what may be considered adventure activities meant to challenge and inspire, as well as recreational activities more social in nature. It is our belief, that participating in such a process will help individuals have an expanded sense of what is truly possible after such a catastrophic event in their lives. We feel that by providing opportunities for someone to try new things and meeting other individuals in similar situations will allow for a space in which a spark might grow into a fuller life. At the very least these activities are meant to let us all just have a little fun!


The activities and their organization will be decided upon by votes from all of our members. The range of what we will do is very broad and may range from “high activity” events such as skydiving or river rafting to something less physical like attending a movie or concert. The goal is to arrange for a minimum of at least one larger activity during the course of the year. Smaller events and community outings are also a part of this program.  Participation in as many activities as possible is encouraged, but those who have not had a chance to take part in previous outings will be chosen first if space is limited.  The executive board will have the final say.  The number of individuals participating will depend upon activity limitations, volunteer support, and available funds. Family members will be encouraged to join in, but may have to pay a portion or all of the money necessary to cover their costs.

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