Peer to Peer: Everyone in life, regardless of their circumstances, can benefit from support.  This can be especially true for someone living with a mobility impairment, as it can often bring unique challenges that are not always understood by others.  For example, when a person sustains an injury to their spinal cord the fundamental aspects of that individual’s life and the lives of those who care about him or her are inevitably altered; the degree to which this occurs may differ, but it does happen.  During this time there are a multitude of things happening.  There is a physical component that needs to be addressed.  Certain mental and emotional adjustments also need to be navigated.  This can be true for individuals with all different types of mobility impairments, and few people can understand this better than those who have been through and live within this reality.  Individuals who become mentors within this program endeavor to offer some support or perspective on many of the aspects, emotions, thought processes, and situations which may arise following such an event.

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