Mr. Joshua Hess was born and raised in beautiful Northeastern Pennsylvania, in his youth he explored the state’s vast forests, and developed his love of the outdoors.  After he graduated from high school he went on to attend college in Durango, CO.  In 2001 he sustained a spinal cord injury at the C-7 level during a motor vehicle accident.  Rehabilitation began at Craig Hospital in Denver, than after returning to his hometown he attended Allied Rehabilitation Hospital’s outpatient therapy program.  It was through these programs, friends, and family that he received the support needed while transitioning into his new life in a wheelchair.   He overcome the challenges and found employment in speech analytics and data analysis via a remote position, which provides flexibility for him to follow his passions.  Shooting sports being one interest, he also holds chairman positions at a local sportsmen’s club, where he assists in management of the Sporting Clay and Small-bore Silhouette departments.  It was through Allied’s outpatient program that he met Mr. Salva, the president of Individual Abilities in Motion, in 2013 and agreed to join the board of directors as a founding board member.  Having always enjoyed outdoor recreation himself, he enjoys sharing his passion for the outdoors with others, be it through hand-cycling, kayaking, shooting sports, fishing, or hunting.