Born and raised in northeastern Pennsylvania Elisha Nolan resides in the Clarks Summit area with her supportive Husband Patrick and fourteen year old son Paxton.  At just thirteen years young, Elisha was diagnosed with a rare tumor disease in her left knee called GCTD (Giant Cell Tumor Disease) or PVNS. Following twenty-eight surgeries, hospitalizations and many years of pain and suffering, she made the difficult decision to electively amputate her left leg above the knee in 2012.  Following amputation, Elisha spent many years within the adaptive sports community. She quickly learned to cycle, run, box and competitive power lift. After a few years she felt something was missing. Elisha really missed having a career. After growing up in the hospitality industry prior to amputation she wanted to get back to her roots and show other amputees there truly was life after limb loss.

Together since early 2018, Elisha & Patrick Nolan have owned and operated Alter House Restaurant & Event Venue, also located in Clarks Summit, PA.  She continues to be a working wife, mother, motivational speaker and patient advocate.  Elisha was honored and motivated to accept a position on the board.  She looks forward to bringing years of experience in the disability community, knowledge in adaptive sports, rehabilitation, and strong community connections to Individual Abilities In Motion.