United Spinal Association has developed an emergency preparedness program called Ready to Roll.  The first stage of this multi-stage program will take place over the next few years and focus on personal preparedness, sharing resources, and addressing issues together.  As part of the first phase of this program United Spinal Association is offering their Ready to Roll kits to our members.  These free kits contain basic items that would be valuable in an emergency, such as an emergency blanket, poncho, straws, screwdriver set, first aid kit, medication holder, cable ties, Ziploc bags, trash bag, razor, whistle, wet wipes, and either a multi tool or a headlamp.  They also contain a handy best practice guide and emergency plan form.  There is a limited quantity available, and they will be distributed on a first come basis.  If you are interested in receiving one, please fill out the form below.  We encourage you to follow this link to check out the additional resources that they have available and stay informed of future program offerings.